Knowing That You Might Have Termites Is Half The Battle

Eating Money Away

Termites are wood-destroying insects that cause over $5 billion of property damage each year, which is not covered by your home owner's insurance.

They're Always Hungry

They are extremely destructive, because they tunnel their way to wooden structures to obtain food. They will feed on wood 24/7 until nothing is left but a shell.

Keep a Strong Defense

The best defense against termites is both a good inspection and an ongoing treatment program. Protect your home all year round with our affordable maintenance plans.


Look For The Warning Signs

  • A “swarm” appearing in the spring

  • Piles of small, delicate wings shed during reproduction

  • Mud tubes built by the termites for above ground travel

  • Damaged or hollow sounding wood

  • Pinholes in drywall or wallpaper

How Termites Make Entry

  • Small cracks in the slab or foundation
  • Tunneling up foundation or inside block voids
  • Plumbing penetrations in the slab
  • Tunneling up behind brick or other siding
  • Expansion joints from adjacent garage, patio or porch slabs

Need a Free Inspection for Termites at Your Home?

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