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Krazy Critter Wildlife Removal services is the Number One wildlife removal company in the Roswell GA area, and with good reason…

With over 20 years experience in professional Wildlife Removal, we ALWAYS go the extra mile to make sure our Roswell customers are satisfied, and that those pesky Critters are removed for good!

Wildlife removal is a job for Professionals. Professionals that can not only remove the wildlife from your home, but as importantly, can remove all traces of that wildlife that is left behind.

Keep Wildlife in the Wild

Most people don’t realize that removing the wildlife is just the beginning of the wildlife removal process.

The animals that invade your home leave behind urine, excrement and other hazardous wastes that is detrimental to the health of your family & pets, as well as being a powerful magnet to other animals to ‘come on in an make yourselves at home’. So it is extremely important to make sure that all traces of the animal invasion has been cleaned up and removed as part of the Wildlife Removal services.

But Quality Professional Wildlife Removal doesn’t stop there either!


Do you realize how many house fires are the result of chewed wires from invading wildlife? And that even long after the animals have been removed, a fire can start at any time?

This excerpt is from Allstate’s Animal Control Site…

Q. What damage can squirrels cause?

A. The number one squirrel threat to homes and other buildings, believe it or not, is FIRE. Chewed wiring creates a major fire hazard and is a truly deadly danger. Other damage includes destroyed, smelly insulation and damaged ceilings from urine soaking through from the attic. Exterior damage includes large holes chewed in roofs, gables, siding, fascia and other materials.

Add to the squirrels… Rats, Raccoons, Mice, Opossums, Chipmunks, and all the other rodent type wildlife, and you can see that this is a HUGE danger, and that the inspection and repair of this damage is of paramount importance to the wildlife removal process. To ignore this could very well mean that you will lose EVERYTHING!


Partnered with Krazy Critter Removal

At Krazy Critter Removal, we will humanely remove the wildlife from your premises, remove all traces of their having been there, repair the damage that they have done, and seal up the holes and entryways that these animals have found to gain access to your home. And We will GUARANTEE that they won’t come back!

So as you can see…there is a whole lot more to wildlife removal than just capturing the animal and throwing it back outside.

And THAT is why you need the best professional wildlife removal service you can find in the Roswell GA area. But not just any WIldlife Removal service. You need a service that can do it all, so you don’t have to contract with several different services to get the job done.


Krazy Critter Removal Services (a proud partner of Community Pest Solutions) is a fully licensed Wildlife Removal service, as well as General Contractor, and Insulation specialists. Your One Stop Shop for COMPLETE Wildlife Removal Service and repair!

We Specialize in Removing Any and ALL of the wildlife that can invade your home, including but not limited to…

*Insect and Pest Control
*Rat and Mose Removal and Protection
*Bird Removal
*Bat Removal
*Squirrel Removal
*Raccoon Removal
*Snake Removal
*Termite Inspection and Treatment
*Mosquito Control


Do You Have a Specific Pest or Wildlife Control Need?

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